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The project "Illuminating lake ecosystems — ILES" aims at elucidating the ecological consequences of light pollution and the underlying mechanisms. The experiments are performed in the LakeLab, where skyglow is simulated in 10 enclosures using a specially developed light system.


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ILES – Illuminating Lake Ecosystems

Monday, 20.08.2018

It is impossible to decline such a summer job

At Lake Stechlin and at IGB

When the four students of the TU Berlin heard that IGB would be looking for student assistants for this year's experiment at the LakeLab, they soon became alert. From mid-July to mid-October, Natascha Bürks-Arndt, Tobi Block, Paul Stolz and Markus Zömisch are now joining the LakeLab team.

When other Berliners after a weekend trip to Lake Stechlin sweat again at work on Mondays, Natascha Bürks-Arndt, Tobi Block, Paul Stolz and Markus Zömisch head out to Lake Stechlin. In their luggage: work clothes, but of course also the bathing suits. Since mid-July they support the LakeLab team as student assistants during this year's experiment and have also participated in the preparations before the start of the project.


The four agree that although they only help in the back-work, they get a good insight into the research and all steps of the experiment except the analyses in the lab. Moreover, Markus emphasizes: "It is good that we are regarded as full members of the team and like all others are regularly informed by e-mail about the results." That is why they already look forward to the first of October, when the researchers will give an overview of their new results at the team meeting.


While Natascha and Paul stay in IGB’s guest house, Markus and Tobi arrive with their caravans and have found the best campsite right next to the IGB boathouse. They could not have turned down this summer job here at IGB’s laboratory on the shore of Lake Stechlin. And in addition to the work, there is enough time to unpack the bathing suits or simply enjoy the tranquility at the lake.


Natascha Bürks-Arndt is a Bachelor student in Ecology and Environmental Planning at the TU Berlin. Her fellow students, Tobi Block (Photo: upper row on the right), Paul Stolz (Photo: upper row in the middle) and Markus Zömisch (sitting on the photo), study in the Master's program Urban Ecosystem Science of the TU Berlin.


Text and photo: Martina Bauchrowitz, IGB

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