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The project "Illuminating lake ecosystems — ILES" aims at elucidating the ecological consequences of light pollution and the underlying mechanisms. The experiments are performed in the LakeLab, where skyglow is simulated in 10 enclosures using a specially developed light system.


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ILES – Illuminating Lake Ecosystems

Tuesday, 16.01.2018

Nature reports on the LakeLab

The dark side of light

For her investigations on the topic of light pollution, the British journalist Aisling Irwin also came to Berlin and Lake Stechlin. She wanted to know more about the IGB research project "Illuminating Lake Ecosystems - ILES" taking place at the LakeLab. It examines how nighttime skyglow affects lakes and aquatic organisms. Together with the co-leaders of ILES, Mark Gessner and Franz Hölker, Aisling Irwin discussed the issue. Now her article has been published in the renowned journal Nature.


The dark side of light: how artificial lighting is harming the natural world – article by Aisling Irwin published in Nature


Photograph: Andreas Jechow, IGB

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