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The project "Illuminating lake ecosystems — ILES" aims at elucidating the ecological consequences of light pollution and the underlying mechanisms. The experiments are performed in the LakeLab, where skyglow is simulated in 10 enclosures using a specially developed light system.


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ILES – Illuminating Lake Ecosystems

Monday, 06.08.2018

LakeLab experiment 2018 started

Good luck!

The summer experiment at the LakeLab was started today traditionally with a hypolimnic sparkling wine. More than 70 researchers from 16 different nations will participate in the large-scale experiment this year. They examine how a changed light regime affects the organisms in the lake.

With a special drink - with hypolimnical sparkling wine - the project team toasted today on a successful performance of the LakeLab experiment 2018. The bottles of sparkling wine had already been lowered yesterday into the deep water (hypolimnion) of Lake Stechlin. Overnight it cooled down to 6°C and could be enjoyed today after the team meeting. A nice tradition.


As energy supplier and stimulus of the internal clock, light is of fundamental importance to plants and animals. This also applies to fish and microscopic organisms in lakes. Like other species, they have adapted to the day-night rhythm during evolution. But what happens if a lake is illuminated by artificial lighting at night, or if not enough light penetrates into the water during the day? These questions are examined during this year's summer experiment at the Lake Lab.


Further information on the LakeLab experiment 2018


Text and Photo: Martina Bauchrowitz, IGB

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