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The project "Illuminating lake ecosystems — ILES" aims at elucidating the ecological consequences of light pollution and the underlying mechanisms. The experiments are performed in the LakeLab, where skyglow is simulated in 10 enclosures using a specially developed light system.


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ILES – Illuminating Lake Ecosystems

Friday, 23.03.2018

Knowable Magazine reports on the LakeLab

There goes the night

Nocturnal light pollution is currently one of the hottest topics in ecological research. Now, Knowable Magazine, the digital publication of the renowned journal Annual Reviews, reports in a detailed article about the various research advances on the topic. It also describes the experiments on the effects of skyglow at the LakeLab.


There goes the night – article by Stephanie Pain at Knowable Magazin


Photograph: NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center Scientific Visualization Studio

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