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Michael Jungclaus (Alliance '90/The Greens) visits the LakeLab

On his «Tour Brandenburg» Michael Jungclaus (Alliance '90/The Greens) cycled 1111 km through the province. Today the member of the Brandenburg State Parliament stopped over at IGB Stechlin. ... [»]


Visit of the Berlin Centre of Competence for Water

On the occasion of its annual work outing, the Berlin Centre of Competence for Water was interested to learn more about Lake Stechlin and the LakeLab. By train and bicycle 27 staff members arrived from the capital and combined work and fun during a splendid late summer day. ... [»]


From Munich via Bergen and Savannah to Neuglobsow at Lake Stechlin

In March 2014 Dr. Stella Berger started the position as «LakeLab Manager». Having more than 15 years of experience in experimental research at freshwater and marine mesocosms, it was only fitting to apply for this job at the IGB LakeLab. As an aquatic ecologist originally from Munich, she likes the Brandenburg landscape of forests and lakes and already knows where to find Bavarian victuals. ... [»]


I am inspired by the scientific opportunities offered by the unique LakeLab

Dr. Jens Christian Nejstgaard has been working as the «scientific coordinator» of the LakeLab since March 2014. Together with his colleagues at IGB, he seeks to establish the LakeLab as a leading international research platform for experimental lake research. Born in Sweden, he has worked as a research scientist at the University of Bergen in Norway for over 20 years before he became an associate professor at the Skidaway Institute for Oceanography at the University of Georgia in Savannah, USA. After three years he decided, however, to return to Europe, tempted by the challenge to bring the LakeLab up to speed. ... [»]


Building global connections at the Joint Aquatic Science Meeting in Portland

Five members of the LakeLab team recently returned from a productive trip to the (JASM) in Portland, Oregon. The conference, hosted by four leading American aquatic science societies, attracted nearly 4000 scientists for a week of stimulating presentations and conversation. ... [»]


Earth Day: Regional broadcast «Brandenburg aktuell» reports on LakeLab

On this year’s Earth Day, which always takes place on April 22, a camera crew from rbb (Berlin-Brandenburg Broadcasting) visited the LakeLab. Their report has been broadcasted the same evening on rbb in «Brandenburg aktuell». ... [»]


Perfect summer weather makes work really fun

Today was a day of intense activity at the LakeLab, being time for the major monthly sampling. The sunny weather was a welcome luxury not only for the scientists and technicians of IGB, but also for the rbb radio journalist who had come specifically to cover the sampling and who wanted to experience the LakeLab first hand. ... [»]


LakeLab in Lake Stechlin officially inaugurated

The Leibniz Institute of Freshwater Ecology and Inland Fisheries (IGB) in Berlin inaugurated its new LakeLab in Lake Stechlin today. IGB intends to use this unique research infrastructure to find out how lakes will respond to climate change. ... [»]


Measuring programme started

The automated probe measurements at the LakeLab are not up and running yet. It all still has to be done by hand. Once a week, therefore, IGB technician Marén Lentz makes a trip to measure various limnological parameters in the experimental cylinders. ... [»]


LakeLab distinguished as a landmark in the «Land of Ideas»

The LakeLab on Lake Stechlin is one of 14 Brandenburg award winners of the competition "365 Landmarks in the Land of Ideas". Minister-President Matthias Platzeck presented IGB researcher Hans-Peter Grossart with the official plaque of honour on the 5th of March. ... [»]