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Mixed plankton sample from Lake Stechlin.
Mixed plankton sample from Lake Stechlin.

The environmental conditions in the enclosures of the LakeLab can be controlled. This makes it possible to simulate conditions in experiments that are expected to arise in lakes in response to future climate change. The researchers can then assess how key components of the plankton – including phyto-, bacterio- and and zooplankton – are affected, and to what extent the species composition of communities, trophic relationships and biogeochemical cycles are altered.



The LakeLab summer experiment 2018

As energy supplier and stimulus of the internal clock, light is of fundamental importance to plants and animals. This also applies to fish and microscopic organisms in lakes. Like other species, they have adapted to the day-night rhythm during evolution. But what happens if a lake is illuminated by artificial lighting at night, or if not enough light penetrates into the water during the day? These questions are examined during this year's summer experiment at the Lake Lab. Further information ... [»]