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The LakeLab is an experimental setup for researching the effects of climate change on aquatic organisms, their interactions and the ecological processes taking place within lakes. The research is concentrated on Lake Stechlin (Stechlinsee), a deep clear-water lake in northeast Germany. Researchers of IGB intend to conduct large-scale ecological experiments under realistic conditions in the LakeLab, thus combining the advantages of field and laboratory research:

Firstly, the experiments will be conducted in the lake itself to include the complexity of the natural ecosystem.

Secondly, the LakeLab provides a large number of clearly delimited experimental units, i.e. enclosures, in which individual factors can be modified specifically so as to study their influence on the system. In order to efficiently use the LakeLab, researchers from other national and international research institutes are welcome to cooperate in projects on this large mesocosm facility.

One of the 24 aluminium floating rings is placed into the LakeLab.
A total of 24 experimental units are available at the LakeLab.