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Artists in Residence at the IGB: The Stechlin as inspiring film location

How can you make lakes and their largely hidden internal worlds come alive? Bosnian film director Dane Komljen has been dealing with this question for quite some time. For his feature film project he was able to win camerawoman Jenny Lou Ziegel and producer Zsuzsanna Kiràly. As "Artists in Residence" of the Leibniz Institute for Freshwater Ecology and Inland Fisheries (IGB), the filmmakers will be filming at Stechlinsee and the IGB LakeLab in June.

Already in one of his earlier movies, "All Still Orbit", a lake was at the center of the action. After that Dane Komljen by chance came across the 'father of modern limnology' during his further research. We are talking about G. Evelyn Hutchinson, the aquatic ecologist who conducted research at Yale University in the USA between 1928 and 1971. During a visit to the Yale archive, Komljen delved into Hutchinson's notes and photographs and also came across his four-volume standard work "A Treatise on Limnology", published in 1957. In this book Hutchinson points out that man perceives lakes as permanent features of the landscape, even though they constantly change and at some point even cease to exist because of their gradually progressing terrestrialization.


Focusing on the theme of transformation, the experimental film with the working title "A Treatise on Limnology" thus aims to illuminate situations in the lives of several protagonists across various temporal scales, with the narratives always relating to lakes in one way or another. For the shooting at Lake Stechlin, the Leibniz Institute for Freshwater Ecology and Inland Fisheries (IGB) is pleased to welcome director Dane Komljen, director of photography Jenny Lou Ziegel and producer Zsuzsanna Kiràly as Artists in Residence. The filmmakers have already worked together on "Fantasy Sentences" and will now also realize this project together. In addition to Lake Stechlin and the IGB LakeLab, the film will also be shot on the Spanish Lago de Sanabria. The small team consisting of 5 persons and 3 actors intends to work with minimal equipment, excercise great care and refrain from artificial light in nature to capture the genuine atmosphere of the shooting locations. The film is supported by the Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg and the Jeonju Cinema Project and co-produced in Spain by Andergraun Films.


About the Artists in Residence

Dane Komljen studied directing at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Serbia and at the art school Le Fresnoy Studio National des Arts Contemporains in France. His films have been shown at major national and international festivals – including Cannes, Locarno, Rotterdam, Marseille, Sarajevo, Toronto and New York – and have repeatedly won awards.
Jenny Lou Ziegel studied at the DFFB - German Film and TV Academy Berlin and has been working as a freelance camerawoman in the fields of feature, documentary and art film since graduating in 2012.
Zsuzsanna Kiràly has worked in cultural PR and for various film festivals before specializing in script development in film production. With Flaneur Films she founded her own production company.


Jenny Lou Ziegel, Dane Komljen, Zsuzsanna Kiràly (from left to right). © Locarno Film Festival/Marco Abram


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