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Tuesday, 21.04.2015

"You can be proud of this facility"

Visit from GEOMAR in Kiel

Today, Professor Ulf Riebesell of the Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research in Kiel (GEOMAR) visited the LakeLab. Using marine mesocosms, he investigates how oceans and their organisms respond to acidification and global warming. Together with his colleague Andrea Ludwig, Riebesell came to IGB Stechlin in order to exchange experiences. He was impressed by the LakeLab: "It's a great facility, you can be proud of it!"

The weather was picture-perfect during the visit of Prof. Ulf Riebesell and his colleague Andrea Ludwig at the IGB-Seelabor. This is not always the case for the two scientists of the Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research in Kiel (GEOMAR); in their research on ocean acidification they work with free floating mesocosms that have already been applied to different regions, including the Arctic. Therefore, you need to be tough and prepared for any weather.


By performing large scale experiments in the marine mesocosms, Prof. Riebesell and his team showed that the ph-value of the oceans decreases due to increased uptake of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere which in turn reduces the ability of calcifying organisms to build their shells. For this work, Ulf Riebesell was awarded the Leibniz Prize of the German Research Foundation (DFG) in 2012, which is the highest German science prize.


Prof. Riebesell had already heard about the LakeLab at several research occasions. He wanted to come to Neuglobsow in person to take a detailed look at the system, to exchange experiences and to discuss opportunities for cooperation with the LakeLab team.


Photo: (from right to left) Andrea Ludwig and Ulf Riebesell from GEOMAR and Jens Nejstgaard, Stella Berger and Mark Gessner from IGB Stechlin.
© Bauchrowitz, IGB

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