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Wednesday, 09.05.2018

Stechlin Swings now mounted in all 24 enclosures

First preparations for the summer experiment 2018

So far, 15 of the 24 enclosures of the LakeLab were equipped with the Stechlin Swing. These tarpaulins help to prevent algal growth on the inner walls of the cylinders. Since all 24 enclosures are needed in this year’s summer experiment, today the remaining 9 cylinders were furnished with the Stechlin Swings.

During the summer experiment 2016, the Stechlin Swings were first successfully used at the LakeLab. Like a second skin these tarpaulins hang in front of the actual enclosure walls. When after some time algae start growing in form of biofilms on the device, the Stechlin Swing is simply reversed to get a clean white side out again. The algae on the inside however will die within a short time because they get no light. During an experiment, the sides of the swing can therefore be rotated as many times as necessary to suppress algal growth.


Last month, Gonzalo Idoate Santaolalla and Ignacio Ajamil Rodanes fabricated the missing Stechlin Swings which were mounted today in the enclosures.


It is important that the Stechlin Swings hang straight down. Therefore a chain is threaded into the lower margin...


...and is finally fixed with cable ties.


Four tarpaulins with sizes of 8 x 8 metres are needed for each enclosure.


The Stechlin Swings are fixed on the aluminum swim rings...


...and sink down into the water.


Text and photographs: Martina Bauchrowitz, IGB

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