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Tuesday, 20.02.2018

Sampling during the ice experiment

Good spirit despite cold fingers

The sunny sky greatly improved the sampling campaign which took place today. It is part of the ice experiment lead by Stella Berger that is currently running at the LakeLab. Before the scientists were able to determine water transparency with the Secchi disk and to collect ice, water and plankton samples, holes had to be cut into the ice.

tl_files/Newsbilder/2018/No ice - no swim/Eisexperiment_2018_Probenahme-20-2-2018_016a.jpg

The technicians Michael Sachtleben and Matthias Bodenlos had most of the work.



tl_files/Newsbilder/2018/No ice - no swim/Eisexperiment_2018_Probenahme-20-2-2018_020a.jpg

...They cut square holes into the ice cover of the frozen enclosures...


tl_files/Newsbilder/2018/No ice - no swim/Eisexperiment_2018_Probenahme-20-2-2018_038a.jpg

...and picked up the ice samples.


tl_files/Newsbilder/2018/No ice - no swim/Eisexperiment_2018_Probenahme-20-2-2018_051a.jpg

Stella Berger and Beatrix Beisner took the water samples.


tl_files/Newsbilder/2018/No ice - no swim/Eisexperiment_2018_Probenahme-20-2-2018_076a.jpg

The zooplankton was collected by Jens Nejstgaard and Fayaz Ahasan using plankton nets.


tl_files/Newsbilder/2018/No ice - no swim/Eisexperiment_2018_Probenahme-20-2-2018_108a.jpg

And Christian Dilewski (center) and Armin Penske (right) were responsible for measuring water transparency with a Secchi disk.


tl_files/Newsbilder/2018/No ice - no swim/Eisexperiment_2018_Probenahme-20-2-2018_097a.jpg

Finally, before returning to the lab, the remaining pieces of ice were pushed back into the ice holes.


Text and photographs: Martina Bauchrowitz, IGB

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