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Wednesday, 15.08.2012

Perfect summer weather makes work really fun

Ruben Yaguë, intern from Spain, measures light intensity in the Lake Lab.

Today was a day of intense activity at the LakeLab, being time for the major monthly sampling. The sunny weather was a welcome luxury not only for the scientists and technicians of IGB, but also for the rbb radio journalist who had come specifically to cover the sampling and who wanted to experience the LakeLab first hand.

Alex Krämer, journalist for rbb talk radio, said he could not have chosen a finer day for his coverage when he arrived at IGB Stechlin at 9 in the morning. The radio journalist had recently discovered the LakeLab in miniature, namely as a model exhibited at the Lake Stechlin Centre. Today, Krämer wanted to take a look at the real research platform for a radio report and went hunting for sounds with his microphone.


tl_files/Newsbilder/Bestes Sommerwetter/P1040017b.jpg


After IGB scientist Peter Casper had explained the principle of the LakeLab to him, the journalist then watched over the doctoral students' and technicians' shoulders as they took the samples.


tl_files/Newsbilder/Bestes Sommerwetter/P1040044b.jpg


He had Micha Sachtleben demonstrate how the water sampler works in detail. This device is used to take water samples from defined water depths.


tl_files/Newsbilder/Bestes Sommerwetter/P1040111b.jpg


Nina Ullrich, who commenced her doctoral work only two weeks earlier, explained to Krämer how she was taking part in the sampling to learn. She would soon be starting her own experiments.


The radio report will be broadcast on rbb talk radio in the next few weeks.

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