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Monday, 01.09.2014

Michael Jungclaus (Alliance '90/The Greens) visits the LakeLab

Prominent topic: Climate change

On his «Tour Brandenburg» Michael Jungclaus (Alliance '90/The Greens) cycled 1111 km through the province. Today the member of the Brandenburg State Parliament stopped over at IGB Stechlin.

Cycling 1111 km on his «Tour Brandenburg», Michael Jungclaus, politician of Alliance '90/The Greens, wished to get into contact with the people in the region. At Lake Stechlin, the prominent topic to discuss was climate change and how it affects lakes. Together with Dr. Mario Schrumpf, head of the nature reserve «Stechlin/Ruppiner Land», Jungclaus visited IGB Stechlin. During an informal meeting, the head of the research station, Prof. Mark Gessner, presented the institute and its scientific activities and took the guests out to the LakeLab. Jungclaus was impressed by the idea of simulating future environmental conditions expected with progressing climate change in the LakeLab.


Photograph: Dr. Mario Schrumpf, Prof. Mark Gessner and Michael Jungclaus (from left to right). © IGB

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