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Thursday, 03.12.2015

Laboratories of the future

«Stern» journalist Rüdiger Braun investigates at the LakeLab.

Already in the beginning of August, «Stern» journalist Rüdiger Braun visited the LakeLab. Today his article appeared in the journal «Stern». On the occasion of the UN conference on climate change in Paris, the paper presents innovative field laboratories such as the LakeLab in Lake Stechlin, the marin mesocosms from Kiel and the Kranzberberg forest roof experiment where scientists simulate future environmental conditions expected with proceeding climate change.

Foto: Journalist Rüdiger Braun talks to guest scientist Anne Lyche-Solheim from the Norwegian Institute for Water Research (NIVA) and to Mark Gessner, head of the LakeLab.
© Martina Bauchrowitz, IGB

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