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Monday, 06.07.2015

High school interns on the LakeLab

Young scientists

Three students from the tenth grade in Strittmatter High School in Gransee are currently completing their two-week socio-ecological internship at the LakeLab. While accompanying the scientists of IGB Stechlin they get insights into a variety of tasks and the ongoing research conducted there.

Because they are all interested in science and technology, Tillmann Boge, Sebastian Bracklow and Veith Schneider from the Strittmatter High School in Gransee had applied at IGB Stechlin. Currently they are conducting their socio-ecological internship at the IGB.


Already at the very beginning of the two-week internship, the students learned that research does not mean to work only in the lab or in front of a computer but also includes less exciting tasks. Together with others from IGB, Sebastian, Tillmann and Veith had to scrub the LakeLab and to remove the floating algae from the surface of the enclosures.


But the students have also been appointed for more responsible work. For example, they accompanied Armin Penske, the technician responsible for the LakeLab, during his daily maintenance of the automatic profiler systems that are installed in each of the 24 enclosures. In addition, they helped in performing the so-called "Elevator". During this experiment the production of algal biomass is measured in a defined period of time. Because this process is dependent upon irradiation, the test vessels are first exposed at a water depth of 6.5 m and must then – precisely every 34 minutes – be pulled up in one meter steps. "I felt really important," says Veith Schneider and adds that, although this was not difficult work, everything had to be done correctly in order not to distort the results.


The three students all agree on one thing; they felt very welcomed by the IGB-employees. "It's pretty cool that the contact here is on a first-name basis," says Tillmann Boge. And there is something else that the students have in common: all three plan to go to university after their graduation from high-school. Veith is interested in biochemistry and Tillmann wants to go for physics or mathematics. Sebastian Bracklow, however, is still a bit uncertain: "I can imagine studying something technical. Or something with figures, tax advisors for example." But no matter what their final choice will be, during their internship at IGB Stechlin they definately got a good taste of how the working world functions.


We would like to thank Sebastian, Tillmann and Veith for their help and wish them all the best for the future.

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