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Thursday, 29.05.2014

Building global connections at the Joint Aquatic Science Meeting in Portland

From left to right: Stella Berger, Jens Nejstgaard, Mark Gessner, Darren Giling and Hans-Peter Grossart present the LakeLab during the poster session.

Five members of the LakeLab team recently returned from a productive trip to the (JASM) in Portland, Oregon. The conference, hosted by four leading American aquatic science societies, attracted nearly 4000 scientists for a week of stimulating presentations and conversation.

LakeLab scientists Drs. Stella Berger and Jens Nejstgaard organised a special session on using large-scale approaches to investigate environmental impacts such as climate change and eutrophication. The session was highly successful, with invited speakers from eight nations providing interesting discussion on projects that ranged from mesocosm experiments to whole-lake manipulations and numerical food-web models. During this session Professor Mark Gessner presented initial results of the first LakeLab experiment, showing how the facility can serve to explore management options for preventing harmful algal blooms. The LakeLab was also showcased in the poster session, where Jens Nejstgaard and Stella Berger explained the platform’s capabilities to interested groups


A number of new links were formed with scientists globally, including Drs. Diane Orihel and Michael Paterson from the long-running Experimental Lakes Area (ELA) in Ontario, Canada. Agreement was expressed that collaborations across experimental sites have great potential to strengthen the study of global-change impacts across multiple scales of investigation.

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