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Brief profiles

Stella Berger

started the position as «LakeLab Manager» in March 2014. Having more than 15 years of experience in experimental research at freshwater and marine mesocosms, it was only fitting to apply for this job at the IGB LakeLab. As an aquatic ecologist originally from Munich, she likes the Brandenburg landscape and already knows where to find Bavarian victuals.. ... [»]

Hans Peter Grossart

has been a researcher at IGB since 2002. He heads the research group "Microbial Biodiversity" at IGB Stechlin and is also speaker for the IGB’s cross-cutting research domain "Biodiversity". ... [»]

Jens Christian Nejstgaard

works since March 2014 as «Scientific Coordinator» of the LakeLab. Together with his colleagues at IGB, he seeks to establish the LakeLab as a leading international research platform in the field of experimental lake research. ... [»]

Michael Sachtleben

is already employed since 1987 as technician at the institute. He is helping at each sampling on the LakeLab. In this portrait he talks about his childhood at Lake Stechlin, why he was keen to leave the region as a young man and why he enjoys working at IGB Stechlin. ... [»]

Former staff

Christian Wurzbacher (until 2015)

has already finished his doctoral studies at IGB Stechlin. He is now working as a postdoc in the scope of the IGB project " TemBi – Changes in the biodiversity of microbiota driven by climate change". Familiar with the latest molecular biological techniques, Christian has been contributing his expertise to the Genome Centre of IGB since March 2012. ...[»]

Jörg Sareyka

has been a doctoral student at IGB Stechlin since November 2011. He has always been interested in the organisms living in water, even as a child. For his doctoral thesis, he is studying how a copepod species native to Stechlin copes with climate change. ... [»]

Jennifer Hüpeden (until Jan 2013)

has been working at IGB Stechlin from August 2011 till January 2013. For her, the topic of her doctoral thesis was an excellent combination: microbiological, methodologically interesting and ecologically relevant. ... [»]